Past progressive و continuousهل يوجد فرق بين

the sun was shinning. Past continuous tenseใช้เล่าถึงเหตุการณ์ในอดีต ซึ่งมีด้วยกัน 3 แบบ คือ

    اصول المذهب المالكي و مميزاته
  1. with an example
  2. Form
  3. شرح past progressive
  4. PAST CONTINUOUSSe usa para•
  5. It is also called Past Continuous
  6. 30am today I _____ driving to work
  7. Past Progressive Tense
  8. Rumus Past Continuous Tense
  9. 1 - ماضی استمراری (اسم) Use of Past Progressive